Sunday, October 12, 2008

I am back, mostly, from moving

Wow, I haven't posted for almost a month. It has been a bit intense moving- it is a challenge to move from a larger space into a smaller space. I had a huge amount of space as well as closet space in my old office-- I had a lot of stuff in there!

Fortunately we have a mostly unused room in the main house- it is now full of  alot of unused electronics and other stuff. A rainy day decluttering project.

Some of the furniture from my old office was moved to my wife's office at the U of M, some is in use around the house, some went to my daughter's house, and some was given away. I gave away 5 old computer monitors using Freecycle. 

The new office is mostly up and running the way I want. After my first week, I found a couple of things that need minor changes, but other than that, it went pretty smoothly.

More people were comfortable parking on the street than I thought. Several who parked on the street commentted that they really do not like backing up. It isn't a long walk to the office from the street at all. 

One person walked to the appointment- she was about 5 minutes late, but now she knows how long it takes to walk to the office from her house. 

I am really glad I made the move. The economic news has been abysmal-- I don't think our culture can be as economically or energetically as mindless as we have been in the past. Credit crunch, recession, resource depletion, peak oil, overpopulation-- wow, moving to a home office makes a lot of sense when you look at all of that stuff.

Next year we'll grow more vegetables more often.

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